The Branch of SPSL SB RAS is a structural subdivision of SPSL and at the same time it is the Central Library of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Client service began in 1966. Until 1976, the library functioned in the building of the Calculations Center (Lavrentyev ave., 6), then - in the united reading hall at Ilyicha str.,21. Since September, 2004 it has renewed its work at Lavrentyev ave., 6.

Presently the building of Computer Center contains Patent reading hall, Acquisition group, the Main Book Depositorial of the Branch, and Scientific reading hall, Reading hall for Reference and Information Work, all information resources of the library and Interlibrary Exchange Loan are located in the building at Lavrentyev ave., 6.

The resources of the Branch include about 1.5 million of published copies, those made up by about 300,000 books and magazines and more than 1 million of patent documents

The Branch is the leader in the field of Interlibrary Exchange Loan supplying 28 users in Akademgorodok. It holds possession of several data bases, has its access to Internet, provides information service in Akademgorodok, serves as Information Center for the libraries of Akademgorodok.

Dear reader,
adhere to the rules for the clients of the Branch of SPSL SB RAS,
and you will enjoy our service.

You can address your questions and proposals to the bibliographer on duty or to the Sector manager. Tel.330-17-59, 330-79-66.

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